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Changes they are a coming

As some of you may know by now, Spotwalla is moving to a new website. With this move to the new website comes a new API. The older version of gibbyTrip currently only works on the older version of Spotwalla. I am proud to announce that I am almost done updating gibbyTrip to work with the new API for the new Spotwalla site. Once I am ready to release the new version I will announce it here. Thank you all for your patience.

gibbyTrip 1.4.4

My beta testers are hard at work on 1.4.4. Here are some of the things that are coming:

You may have noticed that the KPH/MPH are reversed ¬†this has been fixed ūüôā

New settings screen

New debug info on main screen

I’ve found a few bugs with longer trips and hopefully have fixed those

You may have noticed that Tracks aren’t working correctly. Turns out this was a bug on the SpotWalla web page ¬†I’ve worked with Jason and it should be all fixed now .

I want to thank everybody for downloading and using my app. If you ever have any questions just post here and let me know.

gibbyTrip 1.4.0 has been submitted for review!!!

I have just submitted version 1.4.0.  The big change in this version is TRACKS!!!!!


Tracks allow updating in any interval you want.  I have chosen to update your track every 5 seconds.  I then buffer this information and send it to SpotWalla once every 5 minutes.  Out of cell range when that happens?  No problem.  I will buffer all of the messages until you come back into range and then send the info to SpotWalla.


For more information about Tracks, please visit the Tracks page on the SpotWalla page.