Welcome to my gibbyTrip page.  This app will be used to track your travel exploits using the webpage.  It is a pretty simple app.  Logon to and create yourself an account. Then go into devices and add your iPhone as a device.  At this time you need to make sure that your iOS device is the first one alphabetically in your list of devices.  My app grabs the first device in the list whether that is the device you are using or not.  I am working on fixing that 🙂  Make sure you enable the SWAPI API for your device.  Then run my app, login and start tracking 🙂

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 12.07.27 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 12.07.46 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 12.08.47 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 12.08.40 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 19, 2014, 12.08.27 PM

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  1. Just downloaded Gibby Trip to give it a try. I have been using SW Connect successfully for several months. Can you provide more detailed instructions when I attempt to track, I get the following error. Device key not found. For Spotwalla what type of device should I create? Instructions above are just not enough. How do you confirm this “Make sure you enable the SWAPI API for your device. “

    1. David, when you create a new device choose SW Connect iOS App Device. Give it any description that you want. After it has been created, click on it in the Devices list and choose Web API. Make sure that it is enabled. There is one small bug in my program that you might need to watch for. When I get the list of devices from spotwalla, I automatically choose the first device in the list and I am pretty sure they are sorted alphabetically. So if you have more then one device then make the description of your iPhone something that will put it in the top of the list. I will be working on fixing that in an upcoming release.

      Once you have that sorted out open up gibbyTrip. Once it is open tap the Settings page and put in your email address and password that you use to log into spotwalla. That should be all you have to do.

      Let me know if this works out for you.

      1. Perfect. I now have a device called Gibby at the top of the list and did a test connection with no issues. Looking forward to the features of the application developing. I normally use to use SWConnect and second software for the GPS. Nice to have it all in one place.

        The biggest future feature I would like is the ability to create trips from the IPhone so it not a two step process.

        1. Glad you got it working. Hopefully you will find the program useful. I wrote it because I ride with a couple of friends who don’t own a Spot. So when the three of us go on trips we use my Spot but if they go on trips they can now use my app. It is still a little rough around the edges but it is getting there slowly 🙂

          I know Jason (from SpotWalla) was working on a new API and I am hoping he puts in the ability to create trips through the API. Once that becomes available then I will add it to gibbyTrip.

  2. I have not been able to get my husband’s device to show up on the map as a motorcycle or he hasnt been moving on the map either. What step have i not done.

    1. There could be a couple of things to check. If you have multiple devices on SpotWalla (like a SPOT and an iPhone), make sure that when you create your trip, you select the correct device. I have made this mistake more than once 🙂

      Make sure that when you create the trip you have the correct days for the trip. Even if you don’t make a trip on SpotWalla, but you are using my app, the data is still sent to SpotWalla. So you can actually go on a trip, and when you get back create the trip on SpotWalla and the data will be there.

      I am assuming that your husband isn’t getting any errors on his iPhone is he?

  3. OK, i purchased your app. I have two issues. One, i keep getting “UH OH session key has expired on my iphone. Two, I created account on spotwalla and set it up but I cant see any of my trips I keep making to test it out. help please.

  4. I have a similar problem to Claudia. I have only one device setup on Spotwalla – my Iphone. That device is selected in the setup. Web API is enabled. I have run a few tests and cannot get more than one point to show up on Spotwalla. I’ve checked my times, set gibbyTrip to not go to sleep, set time interval to 5 minutes – anything else to try or am I missing something?

  5. I just logged back into spotwalla and voila there are now 4 points. So when logged into spotwalla it appears that data is not updated- correct? Also does gibbytrip have to be set not to go to sleep to transmit data? Last I did tests on historic data and they show up on spotwalla as showing 0 of 4. Does that mean that there are 4 data points but 0 in the time range? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Chux – Sorry for the delay. The easiest way to see if your iPhone is logging data to Spotwalla is to log into Spotwalla and then goto Devices. Click on your device and choose Browse Messages. This should list out the raw messages that spotwalla has received from gibbyTrip.

      Check that and make sure that the data is actually showing up.

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